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Christmas Parade Committee

Please contact Carol if you would like to volunteer. 496-8432 cdkrom1@verizon.net


Mercinda Fiedorczyk - mercindaf@yahoo.com

Mike and Allison Yoder - mike@mikeyoder.net

Bridget Groves - bridget.r.groves@hotmail.com

Tammie Miller - btsen5@gmail.com

Carol Kromkowski and Mercinda Fiedorczyk-Chair

Acknowledgements, Condolences, and Recognition Committee

Maureen Malla-maureen.malla@vbschools.com 615-7553

Valerie Kirby-baykirby4@gmail.com 575-5764

Maureen Malla, Valerie Kirby

Landscaping Committee

Trish will be starting a butterfly garden in the spring and it will have a bee house with Mason bees.  More information will be published once we have more details.

Trish Mims 567-0874 trishmims@live.com

Representative to Shore Drive Community Coalition

Donna Rennick 481-0030 renny1@peoplepc.com

CERT Representative

His contact information is 995-4405 joencarol100@cox.net

Joe Pierzynski

Events Chair

Her contact information is 496-8432 cdkrom1@verizon.net

Carol Kromkowski

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