Incident – September Storm from Tropical Storm Julia

Incident – September Storm from Tropical Storm Julia

This Situation Report is the first report for the severe storm that is currently soaking Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. As of 2:00 pm on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016, to report all actions taken thus far in response to 2 days of constant rainfall.

The latest information from Public Works programs is as follows:


* The drainage system is full and has limited remaining flood control capacity and is experiencing 100% stormwater runoff. It needs time to drain down.

Road Closures:

  • Dam Neck Rd – Corporate Landing to London Bridge in both directions

  • Elbow Rd – Salem to Round Hill

  • Indian River Rd – West Neck to Princess Anne (county side)

  • Elbow Road - portion of the road from Centerville Turnpike to the Virginia Beach city line at Indian River Road

  • Rosemont Rd – Bow Creek to Old Forge

  • Princess Anne – Holland to Seaboard (only are with structural flooding noted)

  • Sandbridge Road has re-opened as of 2:00 p.m. today

Other Flooded Areas:

  • Asheville Park (can’t get past entrance)

  • West Neck Creek is full and overtopping banks onto roadway

  • Salem Rd at S. Independence

  • I-264 Ramps at South Independence and Witchduck

  • College Park area

  • Level Green area

  • Christopher Farms

  • Hilltop

  • Windsor Woods

Traffic Ops/Streets:

  • Traffic Ops is making 100 additional flooding signs to supplement the 53 already used

  • 1 dynamic message board deployed at Elson Green/Princess Anne to note Sandbridge road closure

  • 8 dynamic message boards placed in other areas with flood warnings

  • Traffic Ops is assisting Storm Water in placing road closure and high water signs

  • Streets is responding to debris calls

  • Streets has 2 crews available to back up Traffic Ops on sign placement

Asset Management and Mapping:

  • Current flood map produced shows heaviest rain in the southern part of City

  • Two days totals in City range from 8-13” of rainfall thus far

  • High tide date indicates noon-1pm for City, depending on location

Stormwater Ops:

  • Spillway 49 at Great Neck Lake has been overtopped

  • Pump station on 16th Street was down at 4 am but now back online since 9 am

  • Stumpy Lake level is high but Rosemont Forest station is currently operating okay

  • All Bay outfalls have been checked and are clear

  • Currently clearing approx. 20 culvert blockages

  • 3 vac truck are responding to 82 flood calls

  • Vac trucks cannot address many issues because system is running full

  • Engineering staff has checked their sites under construction including Bay Colony

  • Engineering staff also checked Sherwood Lakes and found no issues


  • Tri-State has continued to pump at Municipal Center to prevent Princess Anne Rd flooding

  • Tri-State also has seven vac trucks on standby ready to backup City trucks if needed

Customer Service:

  • Fully staffed and operating today

  • 140 calls received in first three hours of day today

Current Plan for Tonight:

  • 706 to manage response

  • 6 pm – Stormwater has a vac truck and 2-man additional crew coming in to work through the night

  • Traffic Ops has 2-man crew for signals

  • Vac trucks will hit the system hard again in the morning when the system has had a chance to drain down

Building Maintenance

Building Maintenance is addressing a number of minor roof leaks and nuisance water intrusion in City buildings.

Waste Management

We’ll be able to collect from all but a few streets today, and will return for those streets tomorrow.

Our message to residents is: “All trash and recycling collections are underway, but some delays can be expected due to the inclement weather. Please continue to leave your automated roll carts, yard debris, and bulky items at the curb and they will be serviced as soon as possible.”

Fleet Management

  • Preparations are in place for rain and high water event.

  • Fuel sites and generators are being topped off and placed on stand-by.

  • City wreckers are up and ready for service, if needed.

  • PW/FM staff will monitor the storm as the day progress to determine what staff will be needed to support ongoing operations.

Wednesday night (9/21)

  • Night shift at Holland Road will be working a normal shift til 1130pm.

Thursday (9/22)

  • Thursday morning Fleet Management will be under normal operating hours 0730 until 1600.

Media and Communications

Have conducted interviews will all three TV stations; updates to the Virginian-Pilot, mostly on road closings and flooded areas.

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