Incident – September Storm from Tropical Storm Julia

Incident – September Storm from Tropical Storm Julia

This Situation Report is the first report for the severe storm that is currently soaking Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. As of 2:00 pm on Wednesday, September 21st, 2016, to report all actions taken thus far in response to 2 days of constant rainfall.

The latest information from Public Works programs is as follows:


* The drainage system is full and has limited remaining flood control capacity and is experiencing 100% stormwater runoff. It needs time to drain down.

Road Closures:

  • Dam Neck Rd – Corporate Landing to London Bridge in both directions

  • Elbow Rd – Salem to Round Hill

  • Indian River Rd – West Neck to Princess Anne (county side)

  • Elbow Road - portion of the road from Centerville Turnpike to the Virginia Beach city line at Indian River Road

  • Rosemont Rd – Bow Creek to Old Forge

  • Princess Anne – Holland to Seaboard (only are with structural flooding noted)

  • Sandbridge Road has re-opened as of 2:00 p.m. today

Other Flooded Areas:

  • Asheville Park (can’t get past entrance)

  • West Neck Creek is full and overtopping banks onto roadway

  • Salem Rd at S. Independence

  • I-264 Ramps at South Independence and Witchduck

  • College Park area

  • Level Green area

  • Christopher Farms

  • Hilltop

  • Windsor Woods

Traffic Ops/Streets:

  • Traffic Ops is making 100 additional flooding signs to supplement the 53 already used

  • 1 dynamic message board deployed at Elson Green/Princess Anne to note Sandbridge road closure