Matthew Situation Report #1

Hurricane Matthew Situation Report #1

Date: 10/4/16

Time: 1600

Hurricane Matthew may bring flooding rains, fallen trees, power outages and debris, especially since the ground is already saturated; 4-8 inches of rain is possible late Friday and through the weekend. Winds could begin as early as Friday night, 30-35 mph out of the east and 40+ mph by daybreak Saturday. Winds to peak Saturday night. High tides Saturday and Sunday will be at levels we saw with Irene, possibly Isabel.

City of Virginia Beach Preparations


  • Pulling most boats of out the water today-Friday

  • Leaving the 41' boat and the 51' fire boat in the water; they will be double-lined

  • Topped off underground fuel tanks and generators

  • Checked all pump stations, setting up pumps for Sherwood Lakes and Ashville Park

  • Checking ditches and storm drains; all storm outfalls are operational

  • Arranging for backup power for traffic signal at major intersections

  • Inspections has coordinated with the Sandbridge road clearing contractors in the event they are needed to clear the roads following the storm event. Coordination also underway with the Parks and Recreation Department to identify appropriate spoil dump sites. A team will be assigned to evaluate Sandbridge roads following the storm event.​

Public Safety (Police/Fire/


  • EMS is currently in normal operational mode. Conditions are being monitored, equipment assessed, determining staffing availability, reviewing supply inventories

  • ECCS (911 and 311) reviewing staffing contingency plans

Beaches/Coastal Areas

  • Building protective berm at Grommet Park 2nd Street at the boardwalk

  • Removing recycle cans off Atlantic Ave. and the Boardwalk, white cans off beaches

  • Pulling sand from the seawall

  • Contractor at Croatan Beach moving sand to support dune system in the weak areas

  • Inspecting and clearing sand off Sandfiddler Rd. in Sandbridge as needed

  • Securing job sites throughout the city, removing decorative and wayfinding banners

  • Removing shade canopies from park/recreation facilities


  • Emergency generators are being tested and fueled

  • Crews sandbagging Sandbridge sewer facility, vacuuming pits

  • Deploying portable generators, by-pass pumps

  • Coordinating with local contractors should additional emergency equipment be needed

  • Additional emergency/after-hours staffing is anticipated over the weekend. Final determination will be made as the storm gets closer.

Garbage and waste collection

No changes to report at this time.

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