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A Message From The President

Don’t just live in the Colony, be a part of a neighborhood.

Become an active member of your civic league!

The civic league is for you and the members of our community. Our greatest concern is that Lynnhaven Colony and the Lynnhaven Shores areas remain a desirable place in which to live.

You do not need a login to use most pages on the website.  Pages under the Admin tab are for our members.  You can apply to be a member but must reside within the league boundaries. The boundaries are on the North by the Chesapeake Bay, on the East by Great Neck Road, on the South by Long Creek and on the West by Lesner Bridge. 

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More About Us

The civic league is your representation on issues in your neighborhood and community.  The more members, the more "clout" we have when we work with the city to get things accomplished. Your $20.00 per year in dues goes a very long way to protect your interests. Membership for new members is free for the first year

Your dues go to:
Signage (entrances and meeting signs)
Events (festivals, the Christmas parade, and block parties)
Flags for national holidays
Website maintenance
If you want to get involved, we have several committees. None of this can be accomplished without your help and support. If you can volunteer, contact your block captain or any of the board members.  We will be happy to put you in contact with the right person.  
Our block captains aid us in keeping in touch with everyone. They help keep the board as to any event/situation on your street. We use them, Nextdoor, the Friends of Lynnhaven Colony Facebook page, and our email distribution so we can communicate information to the Colony.  We are also interested in you.  If you have something you would like to contribute to our website, please let us know.
We are a separate entity from the two boat associations in the neighborhood.  The Basin Rd Association manages the boat ramp in addition to the slips within their marina.  The 5-2 Piers association only manages the piers within the gates of the marina and its members consist of residents from Newbern Lane and Sand Pine Rd. It does at least two membership meeting per year as well as informal social events.  Each association has it's own bylaws and board that govern operation of the real estate trusts.  Each association also has it's own rules and dues for slip owners.  

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